Campbell School of Christ

Co-op for K.I.C.K. Families

A Parent Participation Program

The purpose of this Ministry is to provide True Education, Spiritual Development, Physical Development, Christian Fellowship, and Build Christian Character in our Students.

This is a Seventh-Day Homeschool Parent Co-op for those associated with our K.I.C.K. families.  K.I.C.K. stands for Kids in Christ’s Kingdom.  

Statement on True education By Ellen G. White 

“True education means more than taking a certain course of study.  It is broad.  It includes the harmonious development of all the physical powers and the mental faculties.  It teaches the love and fear of God, and is a preparation for the faithful discharge of life’s duties.”
— Ellen G. White, Counsels to Parents Teachers and Students

Meets:  Weekly

When: Wednesdays from:  3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where:  Campbell Seventh Day Adventist Chapel

Program Activities: Bible, Physical Education, Lessons of Learning brought from the Parents of K.I.C.K.

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For further information, please contact Pam Trogdon: 925-980-3052